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We are dedicated to providing customers and businesses of the best bunting printing services, minus the exorbitant prices. Though years of experince and a seizeable network of partners, we are able to offer the most cost effective solutions for all kinds of needs.

 Our Vision

To become the nation' top of the mind provider for quality affordable bunting printing services.

Our Philisophy

To assist all customers in saving valuable time and operational costs, hence allowing to focus on growing their business effectively.

Serve with passion

Every effort is made to go the extra mile for clients. If there is a complaint, we will handle it. If there is a problem, we will fix it. From the initial proposal stage to final delivery, we place top priority in the satisfaction of a job well done.


Ultimately, our customers consult us for solutions. Thus for every project, we take time to understand their specific needs, preferences and constraints. With these, we are able to always recommend the best customised services at reasonable value.

Speed matters

We take deadlines very seriously, because they mean everything to today’s customers. Our experienced team of project managers and skilled technicians ensures that every project is delivered efficiently and promptly according to your timeline.

See the future

Who says that printing is a sunset industry? For us at Oprint Sdn Bhd, printing goes beyond traditional boundaries. As a proud company of the 21st century, we are constantly pioneering new methods to ensure greater convenience, quality and value for our clients.